All Inclusive Honeymoons
Constance Moofushi Resort, Maldives

All inclusive luxury resorts make the perfect honeymoon packages

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Bikinis don't have pockets a very good reason to go all inclusive on your island honeymoon! There will be no reason to carry a wallet or a stash of cash when you go all inclusive at the world's top resorts and honeymoon destinations. Just think of it - from the moment you set foot in a wonderland like the Maldives, Fiji Islands or Mauritius you will be taken away to a world where luxury feels like a birthright, and all the best things in life are free. Swim up to the poolside bar and order a Mai Tai; sip it as you stroll the beach and decide from among innumerable all inclusive restaurants, where a la carte meals fit for foodies or sumptuous buffets end not with a bill but with a friendly smile.

If all inclusive honeymoon resorts are an art, then Fiji's Namale Resort & Spa must be their Michelangelo. This is the only boutique resort in the Fiji Islands and the South Pacific specializing in all inclusive packages for couples only. Dining at this intimate luxe hideaway is bespoke and a-la-carte all the way, give queuing at buffet stations and food kept warm in bain-maries the flick; choose when and where to dine, where every dining experience is a private affair. be it by the beach, waterfall or on the balcony of your private bure, it's all yours for the taking.

Should your honeymoon take you across the Indian Ocean to the exclusive and exotic non-drinking Muslim island nation of the Maldives, where a week's worth of fruity rum cocktails by the pool and a vintage red with dinner every night can rack up a bill worth one night's accommodation (and then some). The answer lies in Lily Beach Resort & Spa's award-wining Platinum Plan, Constance Moofushi's Cristal All Inclusive Package or Kuramathi Island Resort's Select All plans. Enjoy the freedom to order, sip and savour unlimited premium wines from around the world, signature drinks by mixologists, cocktails, mocktails and smoothies all day long

All inclusive honeymoons round out the experience of your first days of your life together with a relaxation that is beyond words, beyond price, beyond description. Imagine the feeling of knowing that the two of you are free to explore a treasure trove of cuisines, beaches, and activities on offer at your all inclusive honeymoon resort. Engross yourselves in exciting activities - snorkel with breathtaking underwater marine life, swim and float in warm turquoise waters, tee off at award-winning golf courses, go horse riding down on the beach. Surfeit yourselves on gourmet fare and flame-grilled beach barbeques at open-air restaurants with the freedom to select from menus and bypass the prices. After dinner, retreat back into your private villa to enjoy chilled champagne on a turned-down bed sprinkled with flower petals. This is truly the very definition of an all inclusive honeymoon package.