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Put your feet up! That’s right, there’s room. Plush ottomans, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and reclining lounge chairs that convert to full length beds are just some of the premium amenities you’ll enjoy on-board business class flights. Not only that, but when you fly business class you’ll start your luxury holiday experience the moment you step into the airport. Many airlines offer an escort for business class customers right from curbside, to check-in, through security, and to the gate, completely avoiding long ques and delays. Any stress you used to feel about navigating the airport system will evaporate when you purchase business class seats to your romantic wedding or luxury honeymoon destination. Frequent flyers especially enjoy business airfares, as they are more economically priced than first class fares, but enjoy many of the same amenities.

Premium boarding privileges and polite, helpful staff create the feel of privilege for every happy couple flying business class, just as soon as they arrive at the gate. You’ll enter the jetway with light and easy steps, feeling like the elite travelers and privileged individuals you are. As you board, you’ll be welcomed as two of the airline’s few exclusive passengers who receive extras like sleep masks and full size pillows. On a business class flight, you’ll sit in specially designed seats that permit you and your spouse or fiancé to share a top-shelf drink together in comfort. Perhaps it will be this moment—before you even arrive on your vacation island—when you both truly realize that a new and wonderful phase of your lives is beginning.

First class travel and business class travel are wonderful experiences for anyone who has ever suffered from the cramped quarters in a coach class flight or the in-flight noise and disturbance created by babies and children. Seldom are babies found in premium airline seats, so the two of you will enjoy a peaceful and quiet world of your own. There, smiling flight attendants provide hot towels before meals and delicious fresh coffee on demand. Another advantage of purchasing business class airfares is the privilege to order a gourmet in-flight meal when and as you choose. Additionally, with some of the world’s best business class offerings, an onboard bar separated from the cabin provides a wonderful place to relax in conversation during the flight.

Those enjoying business class travel also have the privilege of awaiting connecting flights in the airport’s business class lounge. In fact, many passengers choose to order their meals there, in the lounge, in order to maximize sleep time on an evening flight. With this in mind, certain first class and business class carriers offer a “snooze zone.” Exclusively for evening flights of eight hours or less, the cabin lights are dimmed throughout, so that passengers can drift off to sleep in ultimate comfort for the duration of the flight, awakening just in time to disembark and begin their romantic wedding or honeymoon holidays. This is just one of many ways that premium airlines give the business class experience world-class character.

Frequent flyer miles are a great way to upgrade to business class fares. In fact, couples who simply make all of their wedding- and honeymoon-related purchases on a credit card that earns frequent flyer miles, simply use the points earned to easily purchase the international flights of their dreams. Vacation resorts, beach weddings, romantic honeymoons, and couples’ hotel getaways are always much better experiences when they are preceded by  flights of distinction on the world’s premier business class carriers.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have to “recover” from your flight . . . if you have ever wondered what it would be like to actually start your vacation right on the airplane . . . if you have ever wondered what flying is like for people who don’t just tolerate it, they enjoy it . . . fly business class. When you purchase business class airfare for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to The Caribbean, Fiji, Tahiti, or any other island of fantasies, the only complaint you’ll have is that the flight didn’t last long enough.


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