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Fiji will embrace you with a hundred smiles as wide as the horizon

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If only there were still a place in this world where magic was a constant—where automobiles were unknown, where storybook landscapes remained uncluttered by billboards, and where people lived within nature’s bounty like sprites. Ah, but that exquisitely forgotten place does exist . . . and it is called Fiji.

Tropical flowers, orchid gardens, rock waterfalls, and shaded swimming holes greet visitors to the Fiji islands, a secluded archipelago of once-volcanic islands and islets now covered in dense tropical forests, fine white beaches, and aromatic coconut groves. Stunning barrier reefs invite divers into the clear, warm waters of Fiji resorts, while cloud forests beckon hikers to explore their mythical mountaintop realms. Fiji weather is a perfect blend of balmy breezes and steaming tropical heat featuring, in certain areas, frequent refreshing rain showers. Meanwhile a distinct lack of insect life creates the perfect tropical vacation getaway.

On their idyllic Fiji holidays, visitors can enjoy strolling within many stunning eco-resorts and other majestic Fiji hotels built amid untrammeled nature. In the rainforest, guests peer towards the canopy far above, where tree ferns grow in profusion and colorful, rare birds and butterflies flit about among the branches. Also in the treetops, green iguanas gradually change color, chameleon-like. Within these wondrous jungles, 24 palm species proliferate and countless medicinal plants thrive on the balmy tropical weather. Red eyed tree frogs greet honeymooners and frolicking families alike with dulcet chirps; meanwhile, the roots of majestic banyan trees form private sanctuaries perfect for lovers’ hiding places.

The musky aroma of sandalwood permeates the Fiji islands atmosphere, and it is this very resource that first drew European traders to Fiji. Joining the native Melanesian cannibals and a rag-tag group of shipwrecked sailors and escaped Australian convicts, brave merchants settled here in the early 19th Century. They were soon joined by missionaries, who converted many of the inhabitants to Christianity, paving the way for the establishment of sugar plantations that imported an enormous population of East Indian workers. Once a British colony, this island nation now enjoys  democratic self-rule and a thriving tourist trade built around its incomparable Fiji resorts.

The fascinating cultural amalgam that resulted from this history of conquest and trade  includes Chinese, Europeans, part-Europeans, and many East Indians, practicing religions as diverse as Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, and Christianity. Fijians speak various combinations of English, Fiji, and Hindi, with numerous specialized dialects unknown outside their isolated enclaves. But the majority of the population is made up of the native islanders, whose heritage as fierce warriors and expert ship builders is still celebrated. Most Fijians live in the traditional manner, as members of communal groups, following an age-old, simple but pleasant village lifestyle.

Nothing is more central to the Fijians’ marvelously uncomplicated lifestyle than their traditional feasts. Lucky visitors on their Fiji holidays may have the chance to provide an offering of sacred Kava to a village chief, then enjoy its numbing, slightly intoxicating effects. With luck, they may then be invited to a Lovo ceremony. Wrapped in layered banana leaves, placed over red-hot stones, and buried in a pit to cook, the Lovo stew blends delicious native cassava, yam, and taro root as well as fresh fish, chicken, or lamb. When patient diners dig out the well-steamed lomo a couple of hours later, these savory island flavors demonstrate that true culinary satisfaction can come from the most unlikely of places.

After an afternoon spent taking in local lore, honeymooners, wedding parties, and family vacationers can always retreat to luxurious Fiji hotels and top-tier restaurants offering premier Fiji accommodation and gourmet fare. You will be drawn to the archipelago’s many opulent yet unspoiled refuges with intriguing names like Bounty Island, Castaway Island, and Plantation Island. The Astrolabe Reef offers a world-class opportunity to dive Fiji and snorkel Fiji while viewing living corals of every imaginable hue. Windsurfing is an enjoyable adventure on the beaches of forested Taveuni Island, where volcanic rock faces rise dramatically from crystal clear waters near each Fiji beach resort. On the coral coast Fiji offers the world’s purest beaches, placing couples in the middle of inescapably romantic scenery and plenty of opportunity for surfing Fiji. Meanwhile golf courses, swimming pools, and plenty of family activities provide countless Fiji attractions throughout this cornucopia of island resorts that stand ready to host the most marvelous of Fiji holidays.

For those who wish to travel to Fiji, Fiji flights usually arrive at the international airport in Nadi, which is serviced by Air Pacific, Air New Zealand, Korean Air, Air Manuatu, Polynesian Air, Marshall Air, Air Nauru, Air Calin, Air Niugini, and Pacific Blue. From here, visitors can enjoy island hopping aboard domestic carriers or chartering seaplanes or helicopters to view the island’s majesty. Booking a cabin on a luxury liner—a favorite Fiji accommodation—is another refreshing way to see the islands. Some feel that a decadent and romantic cruise is the ultimate way to spend a Fiji honeymoon, while others have declared that ideal holidays in Fiji consist of staying a few nights in each of several stunning hotels all over the Fiji map.

This land of plenty is also a land of simplicity. A true getaway from the modern world, where everyday cares are completely forgotten, and love is remembered, recognized, and renewed. Fiji holidays are vacations to be cherished for a lifetime.