First class travel
Qantas Sydney first class lounge, Australia

First class travel is the spa in the sky!

Gentlemen, if you’re taking your new bride on her honeymoon, there is no better way to show you have class than by booking first class seating. First class seats say, “Darling, you’ve arrived.” When you fly first class, you never wait in line. A luxury automobile picks you up at home and drops you off at a VIP check-in counter, or, better yet, on the tarmac right in front of the airplane. Every first-class airline offers different amenities, but the world’s most highly rated first-class cabins all seem to compete for who can surprise and delight passengers with more well- designed accommodations, better gourmet food, superior in-flight entertainment options, and the most sterling service.

Flying first-class means you’ll enjoy plenty of elbow room with between eight and 12 seats maximum per cabin. You’ll sleep lying flat on an opulent leather recliner trimmed in real wood. And, when you happen to be hungry, you’ll order your dinner, which is served at your convenience on elegant restaurant linen. Will you have an exotic noodle dish cooked before your very eyes, or a ten course meal that takes you from caviar to chocolate? Take your time deciding. Here, no one will rush you. The first class cabin is nothing less than a spa in the sky.

On a first class flight, your every need is attended to by the friendly airline staff that may include everything from cabin service managers to chefs, nannies, and flight attendants. When you retreat to the extra-large bathrooms to change into provided designer pajamas and enjoy your complimentary toiletry kit, you’ll return to turned down sheets, a premium feather duvet, and a mint on the pillow. Often, a privacy divider and drop-down armrests will ensure plenty of space as well as absolute comfort and quiet for your slumber.

During the day, you’ll fly in ultimate relaxation and bliss, enjoying amenities such as an adjustable leather headrest, electronic recline, and adjustable automatic lumbar support. Some airlines offer an on-board first class lounge as well as airport facilities that include a sauna, Jacuzzi, and nap stations. Other airlines treat passengers to their own full-screen televisions and noise-canceling headphones. Conducting business is always made easy with plenty of powerport connections, comfortable desks, and, in some airplanes, swivel seats to enable first-class passengers to more easily converse with one another.

Select Singapore Airlines first class service for its unparalleled hospitality and a seat, with video console, that looks and feels more like a personal living room than anything commonly found on an airplane. You’ll also enjoy the extra personal storage provided inside a handy ottoman and the specially designed “vanity area” for freshening up without getting up. Select Cathay Pacific for seats with a massage function and your own personal closet, complete with everything you’ll need to keep your clothes fresh and tidy for a pristine arrival. Virgin Atlantic’s first-class service even offers the chance to receive an in-flight facial! British Airways serves a selection of fresh catch-of-the-day seafood, a variety of champagnes, and your own velvet slippers.

It seems that today’s first class airlines simply know no bounds when it comes to making sure your honeymoon or wedding getaway gets off to a start that is truly opulent and inspiring in every way. On top of all else that they do, every airline’s first class has its signature—something special that they do that just seems to set them apart. On one airline, ladies will each receive a fresh orchid as a gesture of welcome. On another, everyone will be treated to a loaded ice cream Sunday. It just goes to show you that while you never know what to expect in first class, you can rest assured it will be the ultimate flying experience.










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