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It's not just about getting away. It's about getting together, somewhere where you'll remember forever. After all, you both survived the chaos of wedding planning, the onslaught of relatives, and the butterflies in your stomach during that walk down the aisle now you deserve to be king and queen for a day . . . or a week . . . or more. Seeking out ideal honeymoon destinations can be the most fun of all the planning events for weddings. A rich array of travel choices beckons you to picture your ideal shangri-la, be sure to consider all the honeymoon ideas and romantic holidays you can think of let it be an open canvas.

Will you elect to spend your special time on a powder-soft sandy secluded South Pacific island? Will you go for a scuba-diving eco-holiday at a major 5-star resort? Will your emphasis be on massages, treatments and body wraps at an award-winning spa or adventuring in a heritage listed rainforest? If you're a foodie, will the destination of choice be renown for its culinary cuisine like fresh caught seafood, aromatic herbs and spices, or exciting cooking techniques or contemporary fusion flavours? Perhaps you'd like to do a stopover in Bangkok or Singapore where a handful of the world's top 50 restaurants currently reside

There are so many heavenly honeymoon destinations that it will surely be difficult to select just one. Whether you enjoy the sunrise with a brisk back bending yoga session, the afternoon with a surfboard, or the evening with a fine wine and picturesque sunset, the luxury of a five-star island resort will embrace you.

If you two are adventure seekers, you won't be able to bypass the adrenalin rush of an up-close encounter with a leopard or any one of the Big Fives on a safari drive through a private South African game reserve. If you're a nature lover, chances are you'll fall in love with swimming with dolphins and feeding gentle manta rays in Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea. Or perhaps snorkelling amongst schools of kaleidoscopic reef fish in the Maldives will do it for you, now this is a honeymoon destination where you'll truly experience the glad-to-be-stranded-on-an-island feeling, just like Robinson Crusoe, albeit a luxe one.

Nature's perfect playground, the seaside always seems to remind us of eternity. Ephemeral tides, endless views with nothing but the sun on the horizon encourage getting cosy in a hammock, beach blanket, over-water cabana or oversized daybed, while you and your new spouse contemplate life together. Inevitably, someone will say, Let's try to keep life always like this. This perfect. This simple. Ah, if only you could. But then again . . . there's always the anniversary next year!