Island Weddings
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Island weddings, what better way to spoil yourselves and your guests?

Love—pure, innocent, and sacred. It is what brought the two of you together and what will sustain you forever. That love must be indulged, shared, and celebrated every day of your lives, but none more so than your wedding day. This day must be perfect, even utopian, and what better way to ensure the consummate wedding day than to hold an island wedding in an unsullied paradise, where the weather is always ideal, the sunsets always breathtaking, and the gentle surf always a soothing soundscape.

Fiji weddings, Caribbean weddings, and other tropical weddings are idyllic escapes both for the happy couple and their family and friends, who get to enjoy an event, and a vacation, that is far from ordinary. Wedding guests become immersed in the sensuality of the warm, turquoise waters; the fine, sugar sand; the taste of abundant, fresh-caught seafood; and the impeccable service attending to every imaginable need. Parents remember their own time-tested love, siblings long for the day love will bring them to their own island weddings, and youngsters revel in the world’s most sumptuous sandbox. These days are remembered as treasured Pacific island holidays that mark moments when time seemed to stand still, moments of pure happiness. With their luxurious spa offerings, creative gourmet fare, breezy romantic cabanas, and impeccable seaside nature preserves, wedding destinations like Tahiti, Fiji, Mauritius, and The Caribbean astonish visitors with their heart-stirring loveliness.

For the adoring brides and grooms, island weddings create picture-perfect memories—of dolphins leaping through pristine waters, of starlit evening walks along the seaside, of diving amid resplendent tropical fish, of dancing to infectious local music. Whether couples choose to make a big splash or elope in secret, island weddings simplify getting married by offering the ultimate in all-inclusive packages: a wedding and honeymoon in one. The quintessential beach wedding can take place in The Maldives, Thailand, Mauritius,  and many more Pacific islands. In these stunning locations, numerous five-star wedding resorts each offer nothing short of a private Shangri-la where exciting and unique wedding ideas abound. Whether lovers marry aboard a pleasure cruise in the Caribbean; among the Tahitian rainforest’s majestic foliage; or within the shady environs of a secluded, Fijian bay, their hearts will delight in the kaleidoscopic beauty offered only by island weddings.

In many resorts, butler service offers the ultimate in personalized indulgence, while scuba and snorkeling, as well as championship golf, ensure that there are ample opportunities for entertainment. Relaxing spas enable spouses-to-be to soothe away those pre-wedding jitters, while sportfishing, sailing, hiking, and opportunities to swim with dolphins provide endless amusement for active couples.

  In the islands, romance is always in the air. Top-tier resorts offer weddings ideas ranging from the sublime to the simple. Select a lavish banquet, luxe ballroom, and grand wedding processional or a more intimate island wedding beside the lapping waters. Picture a barefoot bride meeting her bashful groom on the sand, just as the sun kisses the horizon and its ruby rays wash over the quiet ceremony like a blessing.

            Planning an island wedding is as simple as contacting the right coordinator, who will make the whole process as effortless as can be. After all, your wedding is the biggest and most cherished event of your life, and there is so much to do: selecting a wedding dress; accommodating a variety of wedding ceremony ideas; and choosing wedding themes, wedding locations, and even entire wedding packages. But with your island weddings coordinator, the entire process will be exciting and fun. Many resorts offer services that enable you to settle comfortably into cabana or bungalow before sitting down with the pro to carefully select your bouquet, wedding location, wedding cake, and wedding music. The licensed wedding coordinator will also present you with all the legal documents necessary for getting married overseas. What could be more relaxing and trouble-free?

Tropical weddings are always top-tier. These indulgent events offer every extravagance to suit your tastes. Should the couple require dressing assistants, luxury airport pickup, an intimate rehearsal dinner, a multi-tiered wedding cake, or a sunset hour private Champaign toast, each and every opulent island wedding destination is prepared to cheerfully accommodate those needs. Tropical weddings are unforgettable events from beginning to end. They are times for lovers to forget about the cares of the work-a-day world and live—if only for a while—in a fairytale dream of perfection.


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