Maldives holidays

Maldives, a destination synonymous with gods' country

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A land embraced by mystery, The Maldives with its remote location, southwest of Sri Lanka and directly on the equator, this archipelago of 1100 picture-perfect coral islands has, historically, played host to South Indians, Arabians, Persians, Indonesians and Africans, all of whom happened upon this undiscovered paradise by chance.

Like the chimera of fabled Atlantis, the Maldives islands appear suddenly as a verdant haven within the Atlantic’s azure waters. They have been this way—pure, unsullied, and bright—since the very first adventurers happened upon them. These original inhabitants brought the peaceful philosophy of Buddhism to the island nation and an esoteric language called Dhivehi, based on the sacred sounds of Sanskrit. Later, Muslim settlers introduced the sonorous tones of their ritual prayer, and unique music and dance forms from many lands began to flourish in the hidden Eden of the islands. Today, the Republic of Maldives’ Muslim-based presidential republic operates in complete harmony with the welcoming and carefree atmosphere of its many luxury resorts.

The Maldives islands are on the way to nowhere. They have never been a source of goods for merchants, nor a nexus of international commerce. They have never been harvested, farmed, or pillaged. The proud Maldivian people have never been conquered, enslaved, or subdued. This secluded world has only been loved and revered for the gift that it is, and today each island is preserved with a “one island one resort” rule.

Any time of the year is a great time to visit this island nation, as far as seasons go, they’re not subject to changing seasons as much we know of them, unless you consider a state of perfection in the Maldives weather to be a season. The only change occurs when there is very little rainfall from December through March. Between the months June to August, the gentle rains do begin to nourish the islands and islets of the islands. Due to the surrounding coral reefs, the romantic Maldives is naturally protected from cyclones and tropical storms. This ensures a thriving, year-round tourist season.

The Maldivians enjoy a rich folk tradition dominated by Bodu Beru drumming performances. Similar to the songs and dances of the many escaped African slaves who once found their way to shelter in the Maldives, these performances open with a slow, steady beat and the music gradually reaches a crescendo. Frantic dancers become consumed by the music and sometimes end in a trance-like state. Participants in Bodu Beru call it “vibrating the island,” and lucky observers will note that many of the traditional lyrics are completely nonsensical. This is due to the mixture of languages from which the songs are derived. No matter, the Bodu Beru’s intention is clear—to celebrate life, love, and laughter after a hard day spent fishing for the ocean’s bounty.

On the islands, sustenance is still taken from both the sea and the ever-present coconut palm. Maldivian meals are mouth-watering to every palette and feature fresh-caught fish simmering in pungent coconut curries. A typical local meal often end with servings of sweet custard, mango, papaya, pomegrante, and wild banana. Finally, no Maldivian adventure is complete without trying a generous helping of the local hot, sweet tea that finishes every meal.

Top-tier Maldives resorts provide the pinnacle of service . . . but Mother Nature provides the rest. In each island oasis, calm, bathtub-warm waters welcome swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and water-babies. Every five-star property overlooks a beach, where oceanic perfection means a tidal pond resplendent with tropical fish and a rainbow of living coral. Here, young lovers and families alike enjoy letting their cares disappear in the perfect azure shallows and glimmering bayous of the islands. Whether its a romantic honeymoon or a family holiday you desire there is a resort that will fulfil your needs.

Although its location is remote, getting onto the Maldives map and into its indulgent resorts is quite a simple matter. The Maldives’ international airport on the island of Hulhulé, in the Male atoll, welcomes commercial flights from every corner of the globe. Private jets enjoy plenty of air space for their flights to Maldives as well, and no prior visa is required for entry. Nationals from countries as diverse as Australia, USA, Russsia, China and Israel are perfectly welcome and automatically issued 30-day visas. So welcoming, in fact, are the Maldives, that once you take your first Maldives holiday, you won’t be able to wait for the next. But never fear, if the perfection of the Maldives becomes a habit, the only side effects are tranquility, bliss, and true inner contentment.