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Romantic getaways, every couple deserves one!

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When two voices unite in harmony, something new is created. The sonorous melody hovers in the air—beautiful, elusive, and delicate, yet more real than anything that can be grasped. Love is like this. Sometimes, such an intimate connection can only be celebrated in private. It is for this purpose that the world’s most luxurious and extravagant romantic getaways were created. These are special places to take time to celebrate hearts on fire, but they aren’t just for young lovers and newlyweds. Those wishing to renew their vows or simply enjoy a new romantic experience at a perfect luxury getaway find such romantic getaways nothing short of idyllic. These are places to refresh yourself in the perfect weather, breathe new life into your relationship, and enjoy opulent accommodation. Vacation getaways that cater to romance, couples in love, and sumptuous pampering are special places—some would say they are sacred. After all, such romantic getaways are built with one aim in mind—to join two people in love and to continue to keep that love strong.

When you choose to live a life filled with romantic getaways, your commitment to love and its serenity means you can grow a family that thrives on joy and togetherness. Romantic getaways serve to revive the lust for life and its grand experiences that we all deserve to feel. A great resort or weekend getaway experience is something that never lets you forget that honeymoon getaway feeling. It puts the spring back in your step and the feather back into your cap. After all, life has its ups and downs, and that is part of its appeal, but there are times when we all need to escape. Some close their eyes and go into flights of fancy, but why not make these fantasies come true? Make it a habit to truly escape, even if just for a few days, with periodic romantic getaways.

While some loves grow in the company of family and friends, others thrive in glorious seclusion. And why not? Isn’t love more like a bird held gently in the hand than a prize pony displayed for all to see? True love’s power is in the magic of romance, the power of seduction, the thrill of having found “the one.” In this case, why not elope to the ultimate romantic getaway?  Leave the extravagant weddings to others; their grand processionals, exhausting parties, months of planning, consultations with caterers, and inevitable family squabbles aren’t your idea of a fairy-tale affair. For you it’s sun, sand, and a private exchange of vows.

Some of the world’s best hidden gardens and out-of-the-way paradises are preserved for just this purpose by boutique romantic hotels. Arrange a simple ceremony beneath a blooming bower, pine-scented canopy, or the dappled shade of coconut palms. When weddings are combined with romantic getaways, there is no need to find a space large enough for a grand assembly. Picture yourselves sharing that ceremonial kiss in a vale of orchids, an enclave of feather ferns, or a windswept mountaintop with views for eternity. Once you arrive at your romantic getaway—be it at the beach or in an enchanted rain forest—your search for that magical spot can begin. And when you feel ready, you’ll smilingly make your promises to one another in a privacy enhanced by nature’s splendour.

Whether your marriage or renewal of vows is conducted by the local justice-of-the-peace, a ship’s captain, or an island priestess, romantic getaways at honeymoon retreats and luxury resorts are perfect times to escape and elevate yourselves beyond the ordinary. Make memories all the more special because of their private nature and the serenity of the incomparable couples’ getaway where you chose to make your promises to one another. And never fear, though you will be far from the world of pressures and  deadlines, you will still have wonderful wedding photographers at your beck and call as well as florists, hair stylists, and all the luxuries available at the finest hotels.

Throughout every phase of life, you’ll appreciate impeccable accommodation, indulgent service, and nature’s sublime majesty. Such romantic weekend getaways simply press the reset button on your life. No matter which romantic hotel you choose, the sublime treatment you receive will remind you that your love is a special and precious thing. Best of all, romantic bedrooms—with their sea breezes, sunset views, crisp sheets, and promise of room service—are always there to renew that cherished spark of love.