South African game reserves

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Endless golden plains teeming with the world’s most rare and fascinating wildlife never cease to entertain and amaze visitors on South Africa holidays. After all, South Africa is a land of rich diversity, both cultural and environmental. You must truly experience the wildness of a safari and the exotic richness of an Africa tour before being able to say that yes, you really have been on that most adventurous of all possible getaways--a holiday in Africa.

Due to its location and rich natural resources, South Africa has a long and embattled history. Its location, at the southern tip of Africa, became one of strategic interest for Europeans on their way to trade in India. The Dutch brought the Afrikaans language to the region, then later, when gold and diamonds were discovered there, the Dutch and British fought bitterly over control. Eventually, white control of the majority black population led to the practice of apartheid, or racial segregation, which was eventually dismantled during the 1990’s with international support. Today, this independent African country has a peaceful and diverse multi-ethnic population, which is primarily Christian. On your South Africa holiday, you may find it amazing that South Africa recognises 11 official languages, although English is quite commonly spoken.

Just as its geographical location has shaped much of South Africa’s history, so too it shapes its climate. Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and located in the southern hemisphere, South Africa’s climate ranges from the heat of the north-west’s Namib desert to the greenery of the subtropical east coast. South Africa’s south-west enjoys a Mediterranean climate, while the south-east—known as the Garden Route—enjoys a lush green landscape renewed by frequent rainfall.

The Bushveld—a popular region for Africa holidays—stands in the north-west of the country and extends into Botswana and Zimbabwe. This subtropical, woodland eco-region hosts numerous rare animal species such as the black and white rhino, giraffe, and antelope, many of which are managed within Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sand Game reserve. These regions exist both for the purpose of preserving this fascinating ecosystem and making these breathtaking sights available for those on Africa holidays and African safaris.

On your Africa holidays, you will find that many cultures share the same traditional South African foods. These include the ever-popular fish and chips as well as another British-derived speciality known as bobotie--a beef or lamb pot pie with raisins, apples, almonds, and curry powder. Lobster, mussels, and octopus are also commonly eaten in the south, while tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapples, and mangoes are common in the north. Your safari holidays are sure to introduce you to sosaties, or seasoned lamb on a skewer. Bredies, or meat and vegetable stews, are also delicious local specialities to try on your Africa travel adventures.

On your African holidays, you may become fascinated by the sight of a gathering of wild zebras, a pride of lions, or a herd of wild elephants. Or you may simply want to enjoy the friendly smile and great barbecue skills of a knowledgeable guide on an African safari. In either case, South Africa holidays are perfect, luxurious adventures. When the sun sets in a ball of cherry red flame over the vastness and glory of Africa’s wild parks and you enjoy the comfort of top-shelf drinks and premier accommodations, you’ll realise that Africa holidays are adventure holidays without parallel.