Thailand holidays

Thailand, where nature's variety and beauty is indeed the spice of life

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Thailand, once known as Siam, is located in Southeast Asia in a fascinating cultural nexus between Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia. This self-governed nation treasures its breathtaking scenery and lovely landscapes, while the friendly Thai culture traces itself back to a golden age known as the “dawn of happiness.” A Buddhist country, Thailand’s various temples form the heart of village life and welcome vacationers enjoying Buddhist holidays and retreats. The country can easily be described as an enchanted paradise, where the modest and charming Thai greet guests with their hands in traditional prayer position, an affable gesture of peace and welcome to a place where five-star service reaches its international zenith. Also known as “the land of smiles,” and for good reason, the handsome, happy Thai people embrace their guests with a unique, fun-loving, seaside culture that celebrates laughter, relaxation, and beauty above all else.

Meanwhile, in Thailand’s perfectly preserved natural settings, spreading roots of ancient banyan trees will enchant you into a fairy land almost beyond belief. In the peerless resorts of well-known Phuket, the warm Andaman Sea laps the shores of beautiful tropical gardens. More superb resorts exist in picture-perfect smaller islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Phangan too. Revel in the mysteries and the chaotic pace of Bangkok, an international city second to none. Or visit the temperate, scenic province of Phang-Nga, with its famously panoramic national park. Here, guests can spend time exploring every beach, lush islet, sunken cavern, and stunning rock formation that rises out of the sea. Or head to the north and experience the cloud forests of a wonderfully verdant region of mountains and valleys. This district encompasses the thriving market town of Chiang Mai, and is home to at least 15 different hill tribes. Each tribe wears a unique indigenous costume, resulting in a cast of colour and vibrancy.

There is so much to do, that you must ensure you are there long enough to try it all. Be it shopping for handicrafts, jewellery or gems, it’s all a thrill, and strict trading regulations ensure high quality for all purchases. Tigers, leopards, lynxes, crocodiles, rhinoceroses, pythons, and a profusion of exotic butterflies populate the country’s inscrutable jungles, which you can safely explore from atop a trained elephant, the safety of a guided canoe, or a jeep tour.  And when you’ve had enough adventure for the day, let your body be manipulated and rejuvenated with a Thai massage

As for the food, it is known the world over for its delectable tastes of lemongrass, coconut milk, and aromatic fresh herbs. The Thais pride themselves at making each dish perfectly palatable to the eye, nose, and tongue. A typical meal may include a spicy Tom Yum Goong, wok fried noodle dish of Pad Thai, or a refreshing Green Papaya Salad, and a wide variety of dipping sauces, with just-off-the-tree tropical fruit for desert. In Thailand, the food is shared around the table, and the more the merrier!

Whether you choose to enjoy the gentle rainfall of the wet season from April to October, or visit during the sunshine of the November to March dry season, it is quite easy to catch flights from any corner of the world through airports in bustling Bangkok, northern Chiang Mai, or the island paradise of Phuket. When you do, be prepared to leave worldly cares behind. Thailand is both a land of mystery and a world of adventure, and is equally perfect as a honeymoon paradise and as an Eden for family fun.