Vietnam holidays

Vietnam, expect the unexpected from this enlivening and exotic country that knows no bounds

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Picture peasants in conical hats skimming graceful sampans across dark lakes shrouded in mist. Distant mountains cast reflections in the still waters as a quiet sunrise illuminates the surrounding countryside and its rice paddies, shimmering with verdant sprouts. This is Vietnam— a hidden world of tradition, beauty, and simplicity, where a mystical quality brings a sense of enchantment and wonder to every visitor. This exotic idyll is ruled by the belief that ancestors watch over each person daily, and that present and past exist in the same realm. After a few days on a Vietnam holiday, surrendering to the haunting scenes and otherworldly musical strains of this hidden coastal gem . . . you’ll believe it too.

Snuggle into the warm confines of a Halong Bay honeymoon hotel styled after a French colonial villa or relax in an open-sided bamboo pavilion overlooking the South China Sea. With so much fascinating geography, and environments as diverse as bustling Ho Chi Minh city (formerly known as Saigon) and the serene ocean dunes of Phan Thiet, Vietnam holidays and the incredible beaches in Vietnam offer every sensuous pleasure imaginable for the affluent traveller. Today, seventy percent of Vietnam’s vibrant population is under thirty, creating an inspiring atmosphere where modern amenities and a forward-thinking mindset dominate, yet tranquil customs and delicious traditional foods still reign supreme. Guests of all ages can enjoy adventure sports, golf, spa treatments, and sightseeing galore during their Vietnam travel, while the Vietnam holidays resort lifestyle creates a setting that is at once reminiscent of a traditional southeast Asian home and subtly appointed with every modern convenience. 
Traditional Vietnamese households contain eight prized objects: a paper fan, a gourd bowl, a quill pen, a Ty Ba (or four-stringed guitar), an orchid, a chess-set, a sword, and a feather duster. Along with the comfort of family, these things are all the people need to lead lives of serene contentment. This time-honored aesthetic is so simple, yet so comprehensive, that it reflects the natural intelligence and practicality of the Vietnamese people. Such simplicity is also reflected in their Confucian belief system, where respect and honor are all-important. Those who do good deeds are believed to bring good fortune upon their offspring, so the people of Vietnam respect duty and honesty in all aspects of life. Maybe this is why Vietnam holidays and weddings are widely known as opportunities to escape into complete serenity.

In Vietnam, eating is a communal experience, where dishes of delectable seafood, meat, and fish are shared around the table. The pungent tastes of lemongrass, mint, coriander, and Thai basil dominate meals and give each one a fresh, light sensation. Every diner enhances his rice bowl with tastes from numerous side dishes, each dedicated to one of the kings of old. Stir-fries, pickles, and raw sliced vegetables give zing to every meal.

Part of Indochina, Vietnam is bordered by China, Laos, and Cambodia on the west, and the Gulf of Tonkin and South China Sea on the east. Historically, the country—whose primary language is Vietnamese— has fought for its independence from both France and China during different time periods. It was also briefly divided in two during the 1960’s, when north fought south. But in recent decades, private enterprise and foreign investment have flourished. Today’s Vietnamese enjoy a peaceful political and social climate eager to establish trade with western nations and share the bounty of Vietnam’s scenic rural landscapes and fascinating cultural traditions. Its rare indigenous animals—tigers, elephants, leopards and more—populate the jungles of this diverse land, where tropical lowlands, flat farmlands, and forested mountaintops all conjoin along thousands of kilometres of glistening coastline. In both north and south Vietnam, silvery, sun-drenched beaches are home to some very special Vietnam hotels and luxury resorts. In these private hideaways, lucky visitors enjoy Vietnam Holidays and Vietnam Honeymoons where service is impeccable and accommodation, transcendent.

Vietnam weather is, overall, quite warm year ‘round, in all locations but the uppermost mountain ranges of north Vietnam. The country enjoys substantial rainfall throughout the year, with October to April being the northern monsoon months and May through September bringing rainfall to the south. During non-monsoon periods, the weather is dry and pleasant. The best time to visit is between October and April, when the shifting seasons bring cool breezes and a feeling of springtime to those on Vietnam holidays.

Three airports grace the Vietnam map and serve as international gateways, but Tan Son Nhat, which serves Ho Chi Minh City, services the majority of international travel. In addition, Vietnamese Airlines has an excellent fleet that links to 19 cities around the globe. Travelers should arrive for their holidays in Vietnam ready to enjoy the year-round comfort of loose, natural clothing and all the freedom that a tropical atmosphere lends to the soul. In numerous spa-like settings, guides are ever at the ready to take guests on adventures ranging from the strenuous to the sublime, followed by private pools, massage, and room service to pamper the senses. All around and about Vietnam, nothing is more important than having your camera at the ready—the exotic sights and incredible landscapes will surely engrave themselves on your mind for all time, providing perfect luxury holiday images to return to in any moment of serenity.