Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony at Diva Maldives

Wedding ceremony style, endless picture perfect options awaits you

The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the ocean;
The winds of heaven mix forever, With a sweet emotion . . .

As Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote so many years ago, nature brings out the highest emotion in us all. When the perfect springtime temperature combines with a jasmine scented breeze, and when the sun dips below the horizon, casting everyone in a blessed light, we can’t help but feel caught up in heaven’s embrace. Finding an outdoor wedding venue that produces such soul-stirring satisfaction in all guests is the key to every successful wedding ceremony. No rented hall offers the divine grace and spiritual purity of the seaside, and the finest church constructed by man still cannot match the divinity of a tropical oasis in bloom. This is why so many resorts—from the Caribbean to the  Maldives—offer their seaside idylls to be used as sanctuaries for the most precious event in any couple’s life together: their wedding ceremony.

Once a woman dons her engagement ring, it seems her dreams are coming true, but this blissful time can be marred by the conventional wedding planning process. A wedding ceremony should be carefree yet beautiful; sacred yet fun. It should never be a source of stress or anxiety, yet there are so many decisions to be made: Where to put the relatives? What caterer to hire? What location is the best? When planning a typical wedding, questions like these can hamper the bride’s romantic enjoyment. As for the groom, he desires romance too, and endlessly tabulating expenses and coordinating providers will soon wear on his nerves as well. Luckily, there is a better way. Loving couples can escape these modern-day wedding blues. They need only travel—fly away to one of the world’s premier luxury resorts for a beach wedding like no other. There, expert planners provide everything needed for  beach weddings or other unique weddings—from a fresh bouquet, to a seaside pavilion, to a white horse for riding off into the sunset. Best yet, the happy couple can make their aesthetic choices while sipping favorite drinks in the shade of a swim-up bar.

When a couple selects a location for a wedding ceremony at a luxury resort, so many unique wedding ceremony ideas pop up. Since the guests won’t have to negotiate traffic, why not opt for a symbolic sunrise ceremony? Since the rehearsal dinner will be five-star fare, why not opt for a fresh seafood buffet? An intimate wedding ceremony on a sailboat or yacht is now a tantalizing possibility. Picture the waves lapping the sides of the vessel and the wind whipping your hair as your mutual “I do” resonates across the boundless sea. Then again, a natural bower is also an unforgettable wedding location. Picture a beach wedding beside a still, cerulean lagoon, where the loving couple whispers sacred vows beneath a canopy of live anthuriums, bird-of-paradise, and orchids. For large weddings, endless white-sand beaches or scenic mountain overlooks are ideal for hosting hundreds of attendees in elegance and superior style.

The atmosphere of a wedding resort is also ideal for inspiring couples in the process of writing their wedding ceremony vows. It has become the style for fiancées to pen their own unique promises to one another, but this task, as important and meaningful as it is, is notoriously difficult to achieve while immersed in the everyday world of work. A few days at the resort before the wedding occurs is the perfect antidote to this potential wedding day stressor. Consider it an artistic luxury retreat, where the two of you will discuss your hopes and dreams together and write vows that reflect your matched vision for the future. Such inspired vows will be utterly unique in the world yet entirely appropriate. They will be unforgettable and truly provide a guideline for your lives together.

No matter which tropical wedding resort you select for your big day, you will have so many wedding ideas to choose from that it will be difficult to decide. But never fear; you can be sure that each and every choice is sublime. Each venue, each theme, each musical selection and each expert florist’s creation is guaranteed to result in a unique event whose details will be remembered “for as long as you both shall live.”


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