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I would love to keep Orpheus a little secret :- )

Hello! Yes we are back and thank you, we had the most perfect holiday at Orpheus!


I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff who made the trip so much more personal and attentive. I’ve never stayed anywhere that had such a good vibe, both from the friendly team and making friends with other guests.


The food was the highlight, not a meal could be flattered so I would recommend it to any foodie seeking superb dining.


The location itself was wonderful, the Palm Islands are so underrated – I am telling everyone to stay at Orpheus if they’re seeking a luxurious escape.


And thankyou to you also for helping us organise it. Much appreciated!


We need to get the word out even though I would love to keep Orpheus a little secret :- )


Take care,



One of the many beautfiul sunsets at Orpheus Island!


The arrival jetty


Snorkeling and other adventures at Orpheus Island


Superb dining!