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Visa & Mastercard incur a 1.3% surcharge fee, Amex 1.8%
Date should be in (MM/YY) format

For your peace of mind

To keep our clients’ data safe from hackers, credit and debit card issuers our merchant provider follows a series of security guidelines called PCI compliance to ensure data security. Your data is safeguarded from the start. Payments are encrypted with proprietary software, which ensures unencrypted payment data never touches your device or application. 

Butler By The Sea also uses an extended validation SSL certificate, one of the most secure SSL certificates available. While all SSL certificates provide data encryption and security, some require more in terms of identity validation than others. EV certificates require the most thorough verification process. GeoTrust issues 256-bit encryption SSL certificates; Advanced Encryption Standard that surpasses the minimum industry requirement to guarantee that the Butler By The Sea website is secured and protected from hackers and other cyber criminals.

In order to use our payment gateway, you must be over 18 years of age and be the owner of, or acting with the authorisation of the card holder. The payment processing fees charged by our provider for Visa and Mastercard is 1.3% and for Amex 1.8%. Please contact us about International card charges These charges reflect the costs we incur to process payments by card. These values are subject to change without notice. Should a refund be processed for any reason for a booking paid for with a credit card, the associated payment processing fee is non-refundable.

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