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The cruise was amazing, loved loved loved it lol

Home safe and sound and back to work! The flight was good we missed most of the bad weather and had a smooth landing.


Holiday was great , so many experiences.we both loved Canada and the Canadian people.


The cruise was amazing, loved loved loved it lol. Food was good ,stateroom was great and scenery was incredible. it is a mission to shower in those incredibly tiny showers though! The only complaint I would have was the queing at dinner. It was really frustrating and staff needed to come out and let the people know what was going on as there was lots of grumpy diners. Queues were up to 45 minutes every night! The only negative thing we found was the land package. Princess really need to tell foll before they book that early in the season not much is open and the lodges are on just opened. Staff were un trained or being trained as we were there. Not all facilitoies were running , hotels were not really up to scratch. Our curtains were hanging off in one lodge so we requested them to be fixed , they never were. The phones in the rooms didnt work , lots of annoying little things. When we brought it to the attention of our guide she mostly laughed it off which was annoying. The most annoying for me was our fishing excursion, had a great time with the young man employed by the owners , he was fun , informative and a great guide. However my waders had a leak so by the end of 5 hours standing in glacier fed waters my leg was freezing and I was really uncomfortable. I mentioned this to the owner at the end and her response was “bummer”!!! I nearly fell over in shock she was so rude. Again i spoke to our guide, while she agreed it was unacceptable she didnt do anything else so i just hope no one else gets that leaky boot. It seemed like a lot of effort for anything to be done while on the land part of our trip.


Banff was beautiful, loved that place, the hotel was good with a nice bar and restaurant.  We got a free bus card to get into town everyday which was great. We went on some tours in Banff with Brewsters, they are a great company and really looked after everyone.


The Rocky Mountaineer was fun, we thought it was over priced but it was a once in a lifetime experience. The booking in at the train station was the best ever, they really exceeded themselves there.


Next time David and I agreed we would do the direct flight!


Looking for a fishing break now, in Darwin. We looked at the great escape again but thought we would try something different as the fishing trip is in same area as our last trip. So any ideas would be appreciated ☺


Thank you for all your hard work


Kate &  David  😀😀


From Alaska to Vancouver


The icy waters


Princess Cruise, The Inside Passage, Alaska to Vancouver


Revelstoke Bridge, British Columbia


Scenary on the Rocky Mountaineer