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Babysitters were perfect, trusted, caring and followed instructions perfectly.

We had the most amazing time, in fact, we were very sad to come back home 🙁

Malolo was perfect. We really loved how it wasn’t massive as it gave us the opportunity to really know the staff and other travelers as well. The staff really went out of their way to help with Eloise. A few minor hiccups with sorting her food, but nothing really, we think it was just lost in translation at the end of the day.

Surroundings were perfect to look at from the hammocks, pool and lounge beds were very relaxing. Treetop restaurant was really divine.

We found that the all-inclusive food deal was also great value for money.

Babysitters were perfect, trusted, caring and followed instructions perfectly.

Hilton was also great, but we did miss Malolo once we got there. As lovely as it was, we just felt it was slightly sterile, this was only comparing it to the more personal experience we had just had. In saying that, it was also a great hotel, great rooms and lovely food.

The planning of the island stay and then 2 nights back near the airport worked well for us also, so thank you for this suggestion.

We would highly recommend Malolo to anyone and watch this space….we will go back!

And…..of course she was the cutest baby on the island, to prove it, 2 pics attached! I tell you what, we hardly got to hold her with all the Fijian’s wanting a hold!

Thanks again for all your hard work and planning a great trip for us once again!



Baby Eloise – the centre of attention at Malolo Island Resort!


Arrival jetty


The Island


Alfresco lobby


Bula with a big generous smile!!


Lazy days are the best days!


Sunset at Hilton Fiji Beach Resort


The pools at Hilton Fiji Beach Resort