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Malolo was so fantastic, we will not need to stay on the mainland ever again!

We had an amazing time,  will give you a run down on hightlights & each resort soon…… Malolo was so fantastic, we will not need to stay on the mainland ever again!

• Room was great, separate bedroom for frank and I
• Food was below average, quite disappointing, no drinks service and food service around pool only adjacent in a restaurant
• Saw small cockroaches at the buffet dinner first night, bit yucky
• Entertainment at night great for families
• We spent most of the day at beach area, frank loved the paddle-boarding
• Using the canoes a lot too

Malolo Island
• Amazing, we LOVED it!
• Food and cocktails excellent, no faulting it
• Water sports fantastic Great tours – went to cloud break and snorkelling on reef Snorkelling at Malolo Sand Bar
• Kids club at night so we had 2 great dinners at adults restaurant (over 13years) Little half-house was cute but we could have gone with smaller one as we were never in it except when we went to bed
• Only thing is on last night the other side of the house was occupied and we heard them partying on, frank had to knock on the wall!
• Had a pedicure, pedicure part below average, but the massage and product part was good!
• Water taxi – perfect way to travel

Kids favourites all at Malolo
• Banana boat ride
• Dolphin safari – Did not see though! but that seemed to be OK as we then went to see Cloud break and snorkeling.

Next time we will only go to one place and only an island, so much better than the mainland losing a day travel in between was a pain

Would definitely go back to Malolo but for about 7-8 nights It was warmer at Malolo and the beach and surrounding water is divine.

Thanks so much for all your organisation,  for making it easy and relaxing ….now for the next holiday !!!!

Kind regards,


Banana boat fun!


Aerial view of Malolo Island


Malolo Island Resort’s arrival bure at dusk


Restaurant at night


Deluxe Ocean View Bure


Deluxe Ocean View Bure


The beach


Relaxing days


Vinaka Malolo Resort, such beautiful waters!


New friends at the Warwick