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We loved Namale

We loved Namale.


The people there are soooo lovely.
And they looked after us soooo well
Very fast customer service and great follow-up.
The food is excellent.
Fiji was great, we loved the course, we signed up for everything so we will be booking more trips through you.
Thanks Ella,


We had an amazing time beyond our imagination, and thank you for your partnership in making this happen. Also for your patience and being with all sorts of questions, that came your way. We are certainly fans of your business and will be using you again very soon, will be in touch as soon as we have our plan/schedule ready


Namale Resort & Spa, Fiji – Hydrotherapy pools with a view


Relaxing with a book


Ocean Tropical Bure Jeri


Just another afternoon


Romantic dinners


At the restaurant


Private hang out nooks