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We were waited on hand and foot!

My new hubby and I couldn’t be happier with how our honeymoon went. It was so relaxing but if your not in the relaxing mood there’s still plenty to do there.


We were waited on hand and foot, it felt as though we were the only couple at the resort, and the staff treated us as if we were too.


If you go there, you will HAVE to treat yourself to a spa treatment at the #1 spa in Fiji, Namale Resort’s spa. The massages are just magical!!


We loved how they kept with their great fijian culture and incorporated us in it. We felt very special to be able to be apart of their Fijian ways.


I am not at all surprised with the amount of awards and accolades they have received. It’s definitely earned the right for the “Fiji’s #1 all-inclusive luxury resort” logo!! Thanks for an excellent holiday. Bula!!!


Danica & Matthew