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“A picture tells a 1000 words”….

happy couple in the greek islands

Santorini basked in the sunset!

O Captain! My Captain!

sunset cruise in santorini

A couple in love on the waters of Santorini! 


Enjoying Santorini at sea level

romantic cruise in santorini

Eyes for you only David!

donkeys in santorini

Santorini transport

donkey photo santorini

Not a good place to stand!

milos greece views

Hopping over to another, more chilled island – Milos, here we come!

winery in milos

Exploring Milos – hello cave winery!

konstantakis cave winery interior

Interior and the goodies of the Konstantakis Cave Winery

konstantakis cave winery milos

Told you it was a cave winery! 

milos terrain

The contrasting terrain in Milos


Wrapping the day up with Happy Hour at the bar

couple in greece

The beautiful couple!

ducks at dusk in greece

Ducks at dusk – see you again next time Greek Islands – you’ve been great!