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Honeymoon packages offer extra treats & goodies only honeymooners are entitled to!
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When the excitement of the wedding is over and you two lovebirds jet away to a secluded island paradise, you'll finally get to enjoy that most special week of your life: your honeymoon. So now is the time to relax and let island splendor wash over you. From beneath the translucent silk canopy over your opulent bed, peer out at jungle fronds overhanging a secluded lagoon. See evening shadows dance across sands as white as the bride's diaphanous veil. Listen to the sounds of tropical birds, wild monkeys, and the other fascinating animals that populate this unique place where wilderness meets luxury, where mystery meets freedom.

Considering the vast array of honeymoon packages offered by resorts in such divergent locales as the Caribbean, Mauritius, Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives and the very beautiful French Polynesia, you have plenty of selections to choose from. If you envision a quiet romantic honeymoon, opt for a package that includes massage, evening turn-down service, and a butler who will draw a bath covered in flower petals and floating candles. But if you and your lover are adventure seekers, you may prefer your honeymoon vacations packed with kayaking, scuba, windsurfing and canoeing. There are so many perfect beach honeymoon locations, and so many very different types of honeymoon packages, that it makes sense to sit down together and peruse the options.

Some of the best destinations are resorts that invite you to extend the wedding's celebratory feeling with honeymoon packages that include champagne, a heart-shaped honeymoon cake, and gifts for the bride and groom. Or better still, leave the wedding day behind and escape to new adventures together leaving the world you knew behind. These honeymoon ideas could range from seafood barbecues by the beach, to tropical fruit baskets delivered to your villa, to evening cocktail parties where you can meet other couples on their own romantic honeymoons and swap sightseeing stories.

If you live for nightlife, then you may consider selecting a honeymoon package that include bar drinks and gourmet meals. How about a personal waiter who sets the two of you a table out beside the moonlit waves, so that you can experience the ultimate honeymoon getaway as you dine by moonlight? As you can see, practically anything is possible when it comes to selecting a luxury honeymoon package.

No matter where you stay, typical honeymoon packages include pick up and drop off at airports, daily breakfasts, and a complementary bottle of wine. On top of that, and depending upon the resort, you may be able to select from a variety of pre-set honeymoon packages designed by experienced honeymoon holidays planners. Some of the best honeymoon resorts provide a build-your-own-package option, while others depend on reliable honeymoon packages that have stood their romantic guests in good stead for years. In either case, travel deals and honeymoon deals are frequently available, so don't forget to ask about upgrades that may be offered during certain times of the year. Also, when putting together honeymoon holiday packages, don't overlook all the romantic cruises and tours offered at numerous honeymoon locations. Picture the two of you on a moonlight sailboat ride or being poled down a jungle river on a bamboo raft. The possibilities are endless.

Selecting the right combination of land and water sports, spa treatments, dining experiences, and special souvenirs, along with the ultimate honeymoon accommodation, will be the most delightful aspect of the entire wedding and honeymoon planning process. After all, what could be better than discussing options with the one you love and picking out a paradise? When it comes to choosing between a sunset cruise and a chance to swim with dolphins, between a flower arrangement and a box of chocolates, or between free drinks and complementary meals, you may be tempted to select them all. And why not? It's your honeymoon after all, and honeymoon packages were built to please.