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Having the plunge pool was fantastic, and being in the over-water villa was something extra-ordinary!!

We arrived back to a hectic week of work and then we both became unwell … so needing another holiday perhaps?!


We had an AMAZING time away in the Maldives, and thank you so much for the great deal to holiday on, and being fantastic to work with to make this dream come true.


Our first night in Male was lovely and luxurious, the hotel workers were very efficient and the room was stunning. Bottled water included which was a nice bonus after a long time in transit, not needing to go out looking for it to buy (small things add up to leave a lasting good impression).


Sun Aqua Vilu Reef in some areas delivered above expectations, in others below (so all in all comes out even with our expectations for an all inclusive resort and package.


We were a little surprised at how we got there – the hour domestic flight, and then the 45min boat ride, just wasn’t something we were expecting (although in hindsight, how else were we going to get to the island..)


We felt a little hurried on arrival at the resort, but were awed  by the room when we arrived. Having the plunge pool was fantastic, and being in the over-water villa was something extra-ordinary!!


A little disappointed with the “all inclusive” not being available in the room – mini bar was not included at all, we were under the impression that certain items would be. Of course this is where the resort would make extra money…


The honeymoon package was great, although we were surprised with what was included as didn’t think this was part of our package to start with.  Dolphin cruise and half day island visit were good. Justin also went on an additional fishing trip. The photo shoot as part of the honeymoon package in particular was great, and we got some lovely pictures (one of which I’ve included so you can put a ‘face to the name’).


Unfortunately, we had to be on a boat leaving the island at 0630am due to the timing of the domestic flight to Male. They did well in providing another breakfast to the room before we left. Unfortunately, the airport lounge was an additional fee on the departure end of the trip and there was a long wait due to the the mismatch in timing between domestic and international flights.


All in all, a lovely relaxing holiday, with SOO many awesome swimming options (in the ocean, on different parts around the island; pool; plunge pool) and unbelievable snorkelling in water like no other we have ever seen being before!!! It does however make us realise how lucky we were to honeymoon at Namale, Fiji – all things considered, the comparative distance to travel and overall quality will take some beating.


Thanks again and look forward to hopefully booking with you in the future,
Jess and Justin


Romantic all inclusive Maldives honeymoon resort

Enjoying the beautiful beach!


Maldives Overwater villa with pool

Our own plunge pool surrounded by amazing water and views!


Reef Villa Sun Aqua Vilu Reef

Sun Aqua Vilu Reef – Reef Vila verandah


Sun Aqua Vilu Reef Overwater Villas


Sun Aqua Vilu Reef overwater villas


Maldives sunset

We were spoiled with stunning sunsets!