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it was honestly amazing and everything we imagined!! Thank you for everything once again :)

Again thank you so much for everything we had a wonderful trip. Just some feedback for you so you know if you send over any other guests or if they have any questions about the location they might find our suggestions helpful.

Everything ran smoothly and we were collected at Male, it was easy to find our transfers and we were escorted to Hotel Jen. The hotel itself wasn’t bad but the smell of mustiness was really really really bad! Jason started to even wonder if it was actually healthy…it does talk about the moisture and humidity on a sign in the room so i am not sure that this is anything that can be avoided or is common to the area but it was so bad when we got to our floor and then in our room that we were grateful that we wouldn’t be there any longer than we were. Breakfast was good and the hotel itself was fine pending the mustiness. We personally wouldn’t spend any longer in Male for us it was just a bed for the night. Transfers back to Male were all good and we were taken to exactly where we needed to be for Sun Aqua and was escorted the entire way. We ended up in the seaplane which was good….to be honest I just assumed our transfer was a seaplane so when you said a domestic flight I was abit surprised but didn’t care but again was grateful for the seaplane as it was lovely and quick!


We loved Sun Aqua Vilu Reef. The service is impeccable and whilst the food was buffet 3 x a day it was still very good with a different theme each night. As nice as it was tho I dont think we could have stayed much longer without boredom kicking in and our waistlines expanding. We did use the mini bar a few times for beers as we just couldn’t be bothered walking back to the bar for our included drinks and some cocktails were not included that we also paid for, but all in all there is sufficient included to not have to ‘pay for extra’ if thats your desire, for us the mini bar was simply just convenient at the time and I was craving an Aperol Spritz which wasn’t included in our package. The hotel is great for relaxing and doing nothing….we spent some time in the day spa and had a few massages each and did a snorkelling tour too then the rest of the days we just snorkelled the house reef daily 🙂 we seemed to get up early-ish and were ready for bed most nights by 9.30-10pm at the latest!! With a small island and not a lot to do activity wise this meant our days felt super long and we felt like we had a long break which was exactly what we needed and wanted!


We had room 420 which was next to the fancy one at the end. It was actually a long walk but was good as we got our steps up! For your info if anyone asks I actually think the sunrise side is way more private than sunset and you get to see the sunset from the bar so I personally wouldn’t pay extra for sunset side OR for the pool villa. Being on the sunrise side you were not facing the resort therefore less people around and more privacy i think. We found it just as good having access to the ocean there was no need for your own plunge pool at all and tbh we only used the Jacuzzi twice.


The buffets certainly get monotonous but we were lucky enough to have our dinner for staying 7 nights and also the honeymoon dinner (which we could have on the beach) in the a la carte restaurant which broke up the buffet, it was actually really amazing food too was a 5 course degustation! and we paid for an all you can eat lobster and champagne dinner the 3 dinners was good to break up the buffet. The food was excellent though and we can’t find any fault!


Jason was actually not 100% either (I am pretty sure he had bronchitis) and our host Didi arranged for some cough mixture from the clinic which was helpful! We also suggest people pack extra sunblock!! We run out as we were applying it a lot more than usual due to sweating and the store run out…they ended up finding a bottle (it was half full so wonder if it was from the lost and found lol)  and at a cost of $38 US dollars it certainly isn’t cheap, there was no other deliveries either so if we run out again we would have been sunblock-less which would have been a disaster!


We were surprised with how few honeymooners were there but a lot of families! I could not imagine its a place to take kids but seems to be popular. As we both said tho, the island was big enough to never feel crowded or cluttered with kids, and you didn’t ever feel like there was a lot of people around


Definitely worth getting the late check outs and early check ins so we never had to worry! We also booked into the Sun Aqua lounge on the way home too as we had 5 odd hours to wait…was just us in there and was nice to have a shower and the chef cooked us a course meal too!


Singapore ….our transfers were little weird. We got off and looked for someone holding a sign as per our intinerary however there was no-one!!! We had no idea what do to so i turned on data roaming to call the number and got a whatsapp message confining we had a pick up and to call and message them and then a pic saying please let me know when you are here, please be online in whats app and ill give you the rego number!! I called the number and  they messaged the rego and we got our vehicle after walking outside trying to find the rego number……but if I didn’t turn on data roaming we would have had no idea!! I think its rough for them to assume that you have access to wifi to get whats app messages as soon as you land!! So that could be an issue for anyone going forward.


Shangri La was AMAZING good is that breakfast tho!! and we got upgraded to a Suite….and they did everything to refer to us as Mr and Mrs Dolan, we got a bottle of wine, chocolates and they delivered us a delicious cake too! After that long flight tho we were grateful to check on and have a few hours sleep! The hotel isn’t central as such but there is a shuttle bus that runs frequently to Orchard MRT and we got around on the MRT. If we got back after the shuttle ceased for the evening it was easy to just get a Taxi from the shuttle pick up point at max $10 back to the hotel. Jase did the Lamborghini Drive that I got him for his wedding gift through Ultimate Drive, again highly recommend these guys and he was on a high after his 45 min ride!  In the arvo we did a Cooking Class followed by a night bike tour of Marina Bay Sands…we were the only 2 for both tours so that was good too! We went through Lets go Cooking Singapore and Lets go Bike Singapore both highly recommended. We were unable to get late check out for Singapore upon request which was a shame we probably should have done this but we know for next time!


We were also very lucky that on our Syd – Sing and Sing – Syd flights we ended up with a spare seat next to us……and man that helped….Syd – Sing being a day flight was great as you didn’t need to get comfortable to sleep and we got an email to upgrade to premium on the sing-syd leg and I regret not doing that, you forget how horrible a night flight is!!!


I think that just about sums up everything!! I dont think we could have asked for a better honeymoon, it was honestly amazing and everything we imagined!! Thank you for everything once again 🙂


Jase and Mal xx


Could the water be any more inviting?!


How to hammock in style!


The beautiful couple… we reckon they’re ready for another holiday soon! 🙂