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We have just hit double digits with you as repeat customers. You look after us too well!

Maldives was an awesome holiday for sure! We had an amazing time. Still. Chill. Tranquil.

Maldives by far was one of the best holidays we’ve had. Ella, your choice of the ideal spot in the middle of the mighty Indian Ocean was just picture perrrfect! The island, the resort, the overwater villa (another first for us), the staff and transport to and back was just awesome. From the sound of a gong ringing for all new guests to every other aspect of our stay at the Ayada resort was simple yet personalized and luxurious. We loved the weather, the endless snorkeling and swimming surrounded by the aqua life was unreal. Although in one instance poor David was freaked at a reef shark that was swimming beside him! Thank you for making our trip so memorable.

We travel not to escape life but to not let life escape us

Singapore was more party party 😁.

We have just hit double digits with you as repeat customers. You look after us too well 👍

Can’t wait to do Bora Bora sometime in the future 😁

Malka & David



Happy days at Ayada Maldives


Wine & Cheese Island Ile de Joie at Ayada Maldives


Enjoying our wine & cheese at sunset!


The walkway to our overwater villa!


A pretty little vignette – picture perfect!


Miss Malka contemplating life 🙂


David doing the same!


More contemplating… such is life 🙂


Life is good!


Our own private pool


Our new friend loves to be fed


Complimentary snacks by the pool


A shisha experience


Beautiful grounds at the resort


Hey peeps!


Our little island in the middle of nowhere




Photo doesn’t do this pretty night setting just justice….


Just one of the lovely Christmas displays


Ultra fresh cooked to order Seafood BBQ by the beach


We will miss you Ayada Maldives