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everywhere we went we seemed to get the best tables and the best view!

Hi Scott


Thank you so much – we loved the Hilton Moorea and and hope to get back to beautiful French Polynesia and its lovely people again. I was worried it would be full of young honeymooners but in actual fact we found most people were older couples like ourselves, or young families.


Everything went so smoothly and we arrived after nearly 3 weeks of solid rain. There was a quick shower not long after we arrived at the Hilton, but after that, the weather was just perfect. I speak enough French to get by and we tried to use all the appropriate Tahitian pleasantries, but we found most people spoke excellent English.


We went to Rudy’s one night (which was just superb) and the Moorea Beach Cafe another evening (which Paul loved), and everywhere we went we seemed to get the best tables and the best view.


We attended the polynesian dinner at the hotel one night and found that overpriced and not really worth it. If you skip the dinner and polynesian dancing and wait till about 8.30 or 9 you can see the fire show on the beach for free. Still we don’t mind saying that we did that.


We loved the 4WD safari tour but next time we’ll do ATV.


We were glad we had a room to escape to as poolside there are no anti-smoking rules and, although I know that’s very European, we found the smoking really unpleasant -but this was the only small negative thing in the whole week.


The best thing of all was snorkelling right off our deck. I took an underwater camera and just loved photographing the underwater life.


We had room 77 which was absolutely amazing and we thought actually perfectly positioned. We just wish we’d had more than 5 nights. Maybe next time!


We like looking around, so we went into Papeete on our return on Sunday but everything was resolutely closed, so that was a little disappointing. Thank you for everything you did to get us there – at last! Attached please find a few pics showing just how great it was 🙂




We loved exploring the island!


A jetty with a fabulous view! … of Paul! 🙂


Happy Silver Anniversary to the gorgeous couple!! CONGRATS you two!!


Our daily sundowners at Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa


The end to another beautiful day… off to dinner now!