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I’m getting excited so I’m going to stop now until I can send all of the photos

The honeymoon was amazing! I am going to send lots of photos and a big essay for you as soon as we have some spare time (and have the wedding photos). The wedding went really well, only one thing went wrong and that was after all of the important stuff had happened and it was quickly fixed so I wasn’t worried at all. The honeymoon really was great though. We are very glad we chose Pearl Beach in the end, we had a few opportunities to go check out the other resorts and honestly if you wanted the most authentic looking and feeling resort I would go to Pearl Beach. I have so many good things to say about it. Although I will note one of the ladies from the hotel said to tell you that if you book an earlybird package for someone you cannot get any of the honeymoon perks. That didn’t worry us at all but thought I should let you know. Either way you can expect lots of photos and a big story before the end of the month J


Keenan did miss us a lot, we were able to Skype him everyday which made it easier but he tried to be both very excited to see us and very cranky that we abandoned him when we got back. All he succeeded in doing though was being extremely cute and extra cuddly.


Quick rundown of the honeymoon in the end though was: amazing dinners, 2 polynesian dance shows, 4 hour day spa, the lagoonarium, swimming with sharks and rays, jet skiing and quad biking, kayaking, diving for Adam, lots of cocktails, and naps in hammocks set up along the beach. Oh and some pearls of course! Pretty awesome overall. There was also someone staying at the resort who is identical to Novak Djockavic. Adam thinks that Novak is slightly taller so it probably wasn’t him. And we decided there is only one thing we would change and that would be to have had a little bit more time in Tahiti. Also the Manava is amazing. We also got to see the Sofitel and Intercontinental in Tahiti and again thought our accommodation was better. I’m getting excited so I’m going to stop now until I can send all of the photos but I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and hard work. It really was amazing and I know it wouldn’t have been as good or seamless without your hard work.


You really are amazing at what you do and we couldn’t be more appreciative.


Thanks Again!


Kaitlin and Adam


Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort Overwater bungalows


Overwater suite interior


Overwater balcony