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The guide was just hilarious

Thank you! Absolutely, it was stunning. 


We actually just got home today, we dropped in at Disneyland for 2 days on the way home to break up the flights. 

We had an amazing time on our tours. The ATV tour was fun and we got some of our best photos there. The lagoon tour was probably my favourite. It was very tame compared to the ATV and jet skiing (which we did twice!) but the guide was just hilarious. I think the highlight was when he queued up the theme for “Jurassic Park” when we got to Cook’s Bay lol.  The guide was too funny. He and Jeff actually developed a bit of a bromance, so much so that he gave Jeff a big hug and played “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston when he dropped us off at the end of the tour lol. Haha yes, we do love a good adventure and adrenaline rush! 

Haha yes, we hopped in from the bungalow a few times. Honestly it was everything we hoped for and more, thanks for doing such an amazing job for us! We didn’t want to leave!  Oh yes, we did. The crepes were delicious!

Oh how I miss Moorea!

Our most adventure adrenalin-loving couple to date! We love your energy! 

Just your ‘regular everyday’ ATV fun!