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Sala Phuket had the most fantastic customer service!

Happy New Years!


The wedding day was amazing, we had no hiccups & it was a perfect day…. No one noticed the bonbonieres – the photo booth we had organize was great! There was always a long line… It was more than what we could ask for. However nobody ever mentioned that the day after would be as crazy as the day leading up the wedding. There was lots to do before we jetted off on our honeymoon.


Sala Phuket had the most fantastic customer service!


The food at the hotel was amazing so we rarely had to venture out of the hotel (unless we cabbed it to Patong) for food. The only thing to mention about the beginning of the trip was that Jeremy’s name was incorrect and his details at the hotel were completely of someone else’s. I think the name which was held up was Jeremy Yong …Something … Close to Jeremy’s full name but when we arrived and saw the details, it was not ours.


The rooms were great, although the lighting was a little dim – which I understand to set the ambience of a romantic getaway.


The breakfast provided there was amazing!


Although it was about 40-1hr away from Patong where the night life is, it was well worth the trip! It was so relaxing…
Patong was crazy, ladyboys & people holding slow Loris’s or lizards trying to get you to hold them for money. The night life is pretty seedy there, but it was what I expected it to be.


We did go on a tour to some islands.. it was great weather! It wasn’t extremely hot, it was perfect.


Bangkok was a little too touristy for us, we ended up booking 3 nights at Lebua… I wouldn’t go back to Bangkok again. There’s not much to do there except shopping. Shopping is good but for some reason, I just didn’t feel attached to the city.


Vietnam – HCMC, I’ve been there 3 times over the past year and a half… Always a great time there. Vietnam – Nha Trang, I personally didn’t see what the fuss was about… I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. But I think it’s because myself and Jeremy didn’t venture outside. We tried a few restaurants on the Trip Advisor but the seafood wasn’t as good as people said. KL… I’ve been there many times, it’s always a stop over for food & shopping!!!! Food is amazing, shopping is amazing! I can never complain.


Hope that email wasn’t too long for you – did you have a break over Christmas & New Years?


Jessica & Jeremy


Sala Pool Villa bedroom, SALA Phuket


Sala Pool Villa exterior, SALA Phuket