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The villa was absolutely amazing! Beyond our expectations!

Thanks once again for planning everything- it all went so smoothly and well. We LOVED the Naka Island Resort- was a beautiful honeymoon destination and the staff there were so friendly and helpful! Really have no complaints at all! We didn’t leave the island at all. We rode our bikes to the fisherman village on the other side of the island, but apart from that we stayed at the resort.


We enjoyed the delicious cocktails and meals. The Z-Bar was our regular afternoon hang out, 3-6pm every day, we made the most of the 2 for 1 drinks! The endless tappas there were delicious too!!!!


The beach was lovely to swim in (although, not really accessible at low tide) and we always followed that up with a swim in the resorts pool… After that we’d walk back to our villa and go for another swim in our private pool. The villa was absolutely amazing! Beyond our expectations! The indoor/outdoor feel made it so special and unique. It was incredibly spacious and private- once again, perfect for honeymoon! We had a few massages too, all of which were very relaxing.


Thai Air were wonderful to fly with as well- I was dreading the long journey, but they made it more than bearable J


Thanks again Ella! Your hard work is very much appreciated J


Rachel & Craig


Cocktails Z-Bar!


Tropical Pool Villa


Indoor outdoor bathroom


Naka Island pool