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I have hijacked Struan’s email, I wanted to let you know we had the most wonderful time in Vanuatu!

I have hijacked Struan’s email, I wanted to let you know we had the most wonderful time in Vanuatu! Our flights BNE-SYD with Qantas were excellent as with the flight to Vila. Our transfers were- luckily for us easy to find (some of our co-passengers not so much).


Our welcome at The Havannah was wonderful, it was amazing we had a welcome party at 1am!! The stay at The Havannah was just what we wanted!! We couldn’t have asked for more!! (Well except maybe some more time, but that was us not you or The Havannah’s fault!).


We spent some magical days there, snorkelling, kayaking, a dive trip and even a turtle release back into the wild. Magical! Our hosts at The Havannah were wonderful! Nothing was too much trouble, and it was lovely to have Frederique (Managing Director) come and say hello every morning at breakfast!


Victoria, his wife was also lovely.


Our trip down to Tanna was fantastic!! The flight was a little early though (apparently we got the lucky early day flight… With a 5am pick up from the resort which is a good 45 minute drive from the airport)… So for future reference I’d suggest for anyone else they consider a different travel day.


However our silver lining was that with such an early arrival at White Grass we were able to go on the resort’s Turtle Reef snorkel trip (strong swimmers only as its in open water), so we got to swim with turtles!!!!! Amazing! And we were able to have a nice lunch before heading to Mt Yasur. For any other people that enquire, I highly recommend this tour!!! Never in our lives had we thought we’d be so close to Mother Nature’s amazing power (to the point where a molten rock landed 50m from us!!!). White grass is from all accounts is the top of the range accommodation on Tanna, and it was great, although basic in comparison to The Havannah- we recommend lots of tropical strength Aeroguard (or as we came to know it… Eau de Tropique ;-)!).


Ella, we had the most wonderful time! You truly organised the best holiday/time/trip of our lives!!


Thank you!!


Do you have a Facebook page/Instagram etc. I would love to share your business with our friends. Everything was so simple! (I know Struan organised our trip, so I may have missed out in any hiccups, however from what I’ve heard he had a great experience with you!). If you ever need a review please let me know! I’ve not studied travel, however from my experience with corporate travel, and other holidays, you have provide the best service, and the best holiday. It is a tribute to you that we had such a wonderful honeymoon.


Thank you.


Kind Regards


Rhiona (and Struan).


Sunset at the Havannah


The Havannah Aerial View


Blissful Beach Day