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We cannot speak highly enough of JA Manafaru and would like to thank you to the moon and back

Hi Jess!!


Lovely to hear from you! You were on my “to email” list when we got back!


We had a lovely time! The weather was 50/50 and had really strong winds so we downgraded to the Sunrise Water Villa as the wind was so strong from the west we couldn’t sit out on our balcony, so once we moved it was so peaceful! It was so beautiful anyway we didn’t care!! The rooms are AMAZING!!!! Exactly as they are in the pics!!


The food was unreal!!! It was so fresh and we couldn’t speak highly enough about it!! The service was also amazing (when you could understand them, haha) they were all so lovely and nothing was too hard for them. Considering it was over 60% full capacity it felt like we were the only ones on the island! So that’s a great selling point! Because of the large array of restaurants and options to eat, it spread everyone out so that was awesome!!!!


The island was big enough to spread everyone out too so that was great!
We would def recommend the all inclusive! We were warned by everyone to make sure we did and that’s why we were going on about finding a place that offered this and it made the stay! Knowing we could eat and drink and not look at our bill was so relaxing and stress free after forking out so much for the wedding! The cocktails, wine and beer list included was awesome!!!!


We cannot speak highly enough of JA Manafaru and would like to thank you to the moon and back for being so patient and helpful through our planning and indecisive-ness! You were absolutely amazing and we have told so many people about yourself and your company! Once we save up again, you will def here back from us if you’ll have us and as it won’t be our honeymoon I promise I won’t be so painful haha!


The bad news: Hehe out of everyone’s control but due to the monsoon season (please advise people to go in dry season hehe, we didn’t have a choice cause that’s when and where we wanted haha)…. We missed all our connecting international flights! The sea plane was cancelled the night before meaning we couldn’t get the early flight out that we were originally booked on. So they put us back to a 9am flight. It was diverted due to bad weather to a near by island. So they put us on (the scariest boat ride due to the storm) and got us to our sea plane. The manifest was then sent wrong so the sea plane was more delayed… Meanwhile we could see we’d miss the flight in which we did 🙁 we were so upset and the staff at the airport was so rude and wouldn’t help. (I’m airline staff as you know so this really upset me!)


Thankfully Maldivian Airlines found out we missed our flight thanks to our porter and representatives from JA manafaru and the sea plane company (Maldivian airlines) paid for all our flights home but back to Syd and not BNE as all the flights were full. We we so thankful for them to do this!! But we missed out on a day at our next stop as we had to catch a flight via Singapore the day after so they also put us up in a hotel. It was such a shame to end that way after such an amazing week! The staff at JA Manafaru and Maldivian airlines are absolutely fantastic, where as ground crew at Malé airport are horrible!


Funny story to look back on forever so we thought you’d enjoy it hehe!


I’ll send some pics below for you 🙂 but I’ve got to run so will send some more through soon for you 🙂


Thanks so much again for everything Jess! Xxx


Hello stunning sunset!


Afternoon perfection


We loved our private pool and balcony


Overwater villa bedroom – The rooms are AMAZING!!!! Exactly as they are in the pics!!


The bath with a view!


Celebrating with champas – until next time, thank you JA Manafaru!