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Mauritius was absolutely amazing!

Mauritius was absolutely amazing! The company that you used to book everything through, emotions destination management, was absolutely sublime. The transfers were all smooth, on time, super easy and convenient and all of the staff we had the pleasure of dealing with were knowledgeable and professional, making our tours and transfers thoroughly enjoyable and educational.


Thank you so much for organizing an amazing second honeymoon for us.


Now on to adventure number 3!


I was talking with jake and we would both like to see a little bit of turkey if that would be possible to squeeze in… Specifically Istanbul, Gallipoli and Troy. We don’t want to spend an overly large amount of time there, just enough to get a taste, I was thinking maybe a 3 or 4 day tour if there is such a thin of those places. If not we can just spend more time in Italy.


Thanks again for Mauritius!


Kind regards,




On our dolphin swim cruise


Life on the beach at Belle Mare


Aerial view of Ambre Resort & Spa, Mauritius


Just one of the stunning sunsets


Just sublime!