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Everything was PERFECT! We got a bit adventurous & got tattoos!

Our first night at Radisson was lovely, but it wasn’t until the next day we were able to see how beautiful Tahiti was! All the transfers went smoothly and there were no delays or problems at all! We were greeted with a flower lei and the tour guides were very friendly and full of information!


Our trip over to Moorea on the ferry was an experience in itself! Once we arrived at the Hilton we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be staying there! The staff, the food, the overwater bungalow, everything was amazing! We are not used to having people looking after us so well! All the little touches that made it the most romantic and relaxing holiday I have ever been on! The champagne brought to our room was lovely and all the staff made us feel like we were at a home away from home!


The buffet breakfast was delicious! The variety of food, local produce as well as imported with alot of it being french cuisine, lovely! We relaxed most days, swimming almost 3 times a day, snorkelling off our own private deck, indulging in a massage or two at the day spa and enjoyed the Saturday night entertainment of traditional Tahitian dancers with a Surf n Turf Buffet dinner!


A letter was delivered to our room, an advertisement, saying the Hilton now has a Tattooist in the day spa, so we got a bit adventurous and both got tattoos! just something small to remind us of one another, they are small Tahitian symbols in a pattern, meaning love, protection, good luck and ocean! 🙂


We also went on a tour in Moorea a 4X4 safari tour the went for half a day, it was fantastic and very educational! Its great the locals give the tours as they seem to know the most about the land and history of it too!


It was so lovely having the people at the Hilton and Radisson so organised with our transport, but most of all thank you for ogranising EVERYTHING! We wouldn’t have had such a great honeymoon if it wasn’t for your fantastic organisational skills! Its just what we needed after having a wedding! 😉


We are most excited to go back again, maybe in 10 years my husband jokes, but definitely for a second honeymoon!


Thank you again 🙂


kind regards
Mr & Mrs Howard🙂



Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa, Tahiti


Hilton Moorea Overwater Bungalow