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Our overwater bungalow was absolute heaven. There were a few sore heads in the morning after our first happy hour too haha

Wedding day was everything I could have wished for (besides it pouring all day long haha.) And honeymoon just topped it all off for us  😊 We had the best time and we keep saying that we can’t wait to visit again


Our overwater bungalow was absolute heaven. There were a few sore heads in the morning after our first happy hour too  😉   haha. We had the best time over there, will definitely be going back. We did many activities while on the Island too, they were all really good! Kyle’s favourite was definitely swimming with the sharks and rays… (Mine not so much) haha.


How good is the shark photo! Kyle spent about an hour down there playing with his gopro he got such good shots! I was adamant that I was not going to get into the water however once we were out there Kyle dragged me in and I am so glad he did. I was petrified the entire time however it was beautiful out there.


When we went back to the mainland I was pretty much bed ridden for the whole time unfortunately. Kyle hired a car for the first day and went exploring by himself while I stayed locked up in our room. The next day I dragged myself up and went with him to Teahupo’o (He had been looking forward to this since we started planning our honeymoon) We got a boat out to the break, it was unreal! So glad we got out and about and experienced it all. Really got to see the beauty of the islands


Kyle didn’t surf Teahupo’o as he was expecting it to be much bigger. He said if he had known it was going to be small on the day he would have but he jumped in and snorkelled around the boat on the reef. You wouldn’t believe the clarity of the water and how untouched the reef is right there! Beautiful.


Then back to the room for me and that is where we stayed. The flight home was definitely a tester due to being quite sick. Took myself to the doctors about 5 days after we had arrived home as I was still quite ill and turns out I had salmonella. Oops! I would be very happy if I never ever get that again, it was the worst thing ever!


But overall it was the best holiday! Definitely didn’t let the last few days ruin it. We will 100% be returning 😊


Thank-you for everything you did for us! You made the whole experience a breeze. Will be contacting you in the future for any upcoming trips we may have.


Thanks again Ella,


Morgan xx

Getting ready for another pretty sunset!


Swimming with sharks & rays!


Giant but friendly!


Belvedere Lookout


Great vantage point in Moorea


Where Kyle lived the whole trip!


Teahupo’o (Kyle’s dream came true)


Sacred stone Marae (temples) in Tahiti


Black sand beach in Tahiti