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Wedding superb, Honeymoon brilliant & a walk in the rain to the repair shop!!

The wedding was superb. It was laid back and relaxed just like we hoped for and the best part is we over catered with the alcohol so we won’t have to buy any till at least next year🙂

As for the honeymoon it was brilliant we spent most of our days at the pool bar or beach bar catching with everyone that worked there.
We ended up playing soccer on the beach with all the staff and locals along the street so by the end of the trip everyone knew who we were. We did have plans to do allot more but after 3 mths of running around non stop it was nice to sit back and do nothing🙂


We did hire a scooter and travel the top half of phuket, the best part being when the tire popped in the middle of no where and we had to walk in the rain to the repair shop. We did meet some amazing locals though that gave us beer and food and helped us get the scooter there which was an amazing experience.


Thank you again for organising it for us it was just what we hoped and planned for🙂


Alecia & Lee




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